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ELISA Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1991 to develop enzyme immunoassay technology for use in the food industry. Our mission is to assure food quality by creating and supporting rapid, reliable, sensitive and cost-effective testing solutions. We are committed to using our expertise in species, allergens, antibiotics, drugs, hormones, toxins and other analytes to assist our clients with their analytic needs. Our commitment is to provide our clients with accurate, confidential, efficient, reliable and cost-effective analytical options to meet their needs.

Latest News

Evaluation of Qualitative and Quantitative Immunoassays To Detect Barley Contamination in Gluten-Free Beer with Confirmation Using LC/MS/MS

Our gluten tests were used to detect contamination by barley gluten in gluten-free beers at various stages of production in the lab. The accuracy of these results was verified up by the very rigorous LC/MS/MS method. Read the open access … Continue reading

FSIS Notice 22-14

Notification of availability of compliance guidelines for allergens and ingredients of public health concern: This notice informs inspection program personnel (IPP) that the Compliance Guidelines: Allergens and Ingredients of Public Health Concern: Identification, Prevention and Control, and Declaration through Labeling … Continue reading

FDA Final Ruling on Gluten-Free Labelling

On August 5, 2013, the US FDA released their final ruling on the definition of the term “gluten-free” in food labeling.  This regulation requires that foods labeled gluten-free must contain less than 20 ppm of gluten. The FDA further ruled … Continue reading

AOAC Grants Performance Tested Method Status to Aller-Tek Gluten ELISA

GAINESVILLE, Fla., September 3, 2012 – ELISA Technologies, Inc., has announced that its Aller-Tek® Gluten ELISA test kit has earned Performance-Tested MethodSM (PTM) certification from the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC RI).  The Aller-Tek Gluten ELISA was designed to quantitate gluten from wheat, rye … Continue reading

USDA-FSIS Adulterated or Misbranded Product Requirements

Requirements for Official Establishments To Notify FSIS of Adulterated or Misbranded Product, Prepare and Maintain Written Recall Procedures, and Document Certain Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System Plan Reassessments DATES: Effective Date: May 8, 2012.   SUMMARY: The Food … Continue reading

AOAC Grants Performance Tested Methods Status to EZ Gluten

GAINESVILLE, Fla., June 10, 2011 – ELISA Technologies, Inc., announced that its EZ Gluten® Test Kit has earned Performance-Tested MethodsSM (PTM) certification from the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC RI).  EZ Gluten® was developed to help food industry and consumers detect gluten … Continue reading

Gluten Testing Solutions

Since 1991, ELISA Technologies, Inc. has provided manufacturers, government agencies, and consumers worldwide with reliable and accurate testing solutions.  We offer an extensive collection of testing options which include lateral flow rapid test kits, quantitative analytical testing kits, swabbing kits … Continue reading

New Scope of Accreditation

Our new Scope of Acreditation is out. ELISA Technologies is A2LA accredited to ISO 17025 in Meat Speciation and Allergen Testing. Download the Scope of Accreditation >>>Scope of Acreditation 2013<<<

New – EZ Gluten Results Cards

                         This new EZ Gluten results cards addresses questions regarding high positives in your samples. We, at ELISA Technologies, Inc., strive to give our customers unparalleled support experience. If you have … Continue reading

New Sample Analysis Pricing

NEW SAMPLE ANALYSIS PRICING!! Click here to view our Analysis Price Flyer