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Elisa Technologies, Inc.

ELISA Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1991 to develop enzyme immunoassay technology for use in the food industry. Our mission is to assure food quality by creating and supporting rapid, reliable, sensitive and cost-effective testing solutions. We are committed to using our expertise in species, allergens, antibiotics, drugs, hormones, toxins and other analytes to assist our clients with their analytic needs. Our commitment is to provide our clients with accurate, confidential, efficient, reliable and cost-effective analytical options to meet their needs.

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MELISA-TEK validated for testing ruminant material in aqua feed by an interlaboratory study

Concerns over bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or mad cow disease) led to a ban on most processed animal proteins (PAPs) even feed materials. As these rules have shifted toward a more practical approach, non-ruminant PAPs are being allowed for inclusion in aqua feed. In Europe, much of this testing is done by PCR due to its sensitivity, although this sensitivity also can lead to false positive results. Immunological methods, such as ELISA, are also more sensitive then regulations require with at least as high accuracy as PCR. This interlaboratory study published in Food Chemistry investigated the use of our own MELISA-TEK as well as a competitor’s assay (Reveal) for use in PAP testing. The researchers found that both immunological methods were able to accurately detect ruminant material as low as 0.5% with the utmost accuracy. With European regulatory limits set at 2%, this study demonstrates that cost-effective immunological methods are important practical considerations for the determination of ruminant PAPs in aqua feed.

van Raamsdonk LW, Margry RJ, van Kaathoven RG, Bremer MG (2015) “Inter-laboratory validation study of two immunochemical methods for detection of processed ruminant proteins.” Food Chemistry. 185, 333-339. PMID:25952876

FSIS Notice 22-14

Notification of availability of compliance guidelines for allergens and ingredients of public health concern:

This notice informs inspection program personnel (IPP) that the Compliance Guidelines:
Allergens and Ingredients of Public Health Concern: Identification, Prevention and Control, and Declaration through Labeling is available. This notice also informs Enforcement, Investigations, and Analysis Officers (EIAOs) that they are to review the information in the compliance guidelines as part of their preparation for conducting food safety assessments (FSAs) in meat and poultry establishments, as described in FSIS Directive 5100.1
To read the notice in its entirety please visit FSIS 22-14