Drugs and steroidsDrugs and steroids are widely used for animal health and welfare. On the other hand drugs and steroids can be used as growth promoters in meat production. In the EU member states and several other countries around the world the use of growth promoters is illegal.

Beta-Agonists act on the sympathetic nervous system but have also lipolytic (fat-degrading) and anabolic (muscle-building) effects (repartitioning effects). The administration of Beta-agonists to animals used for meat production results in an improved lean meat deposition and higher production efficiency. Euro-Diagnostica offers two types of competitive microtitre plate enzyme immunoassays, the Clenbuterol-EIA and a “generic” test called Beta-Agonist-EIA, to screen for the presence of Beta-agonists in a range of matrices. A quick Tube Test EIA is offered for “on-site” screening of Beta-agonists.

Steroids are compounds with a chemical structure having apolar properties. They occur naturally or they are produced synthetically. In the body steroids are produced mainly by organs involved in the reproductive system or the adrenal gland. The steroids can be divided in androgens, oestrogens, progestagens, mineral corticoids and glucocorticoids.

Avermectines are a special group of antibiotics; they do not act against bacteria but are active against parasites. They interfere with the neurotransmitters glutamic acid and gamma-aminobuteric acid resulting in disturbances of the nervous signal transmission in for avermectines sensitive parasites such as nematodes, pulmonary worms and warble fly larves.