Two Platforms for Testing

MycotoxinsMycotoxins are secondary fungal metabolites with structural and toxicological properties that induce a variety of toxic and carcinogenic effects when food contaminated with these compounds is ingested. The occurrence of mycotoxins in agricultural commodities depends on the conditions under which a particular crop is grown, harvested and, or stored. Mycotoxins are stable under most food processing conditions and therefore, persist to the final product. It is, therefore, impossible to eliminate them once the foodstuffs are contaminated.

Mycotoxins are rapidly becoming more important due to the increased concern for Food Safety and resulting in advanced control. It is, therefore, imperative to eliminate contaminated materials in order to allow the timely and economical processing of non-contaminated batches.

Euro-Proxima has two types of diagnostic technologies available for mycotoxin testing. The Flow-Through Rapid Test is a simple test to screen for mycotoxins on-site or under non-laboratory conditions. The kit is self-contained, no training is required and the results are visually evaluated. This product is used to speed up the food processing chain by controlling the quality of the raw material within 10 minutes.

A second platform for the detection of Mycotoxins is 96 well Enzyme-Immunoassay (EIA). The use of the EIA allows quantitative analysis of a large number of samples within a relatively short time and at low cost. The EIAs are sensitive down to ppt level with high accuracy rates in a variety of food matrices.

The Flow-Through Rapid Tests and Enzyme-Immunoassays are the ultimate system for screening Mycotoxins on site as well as in a routine laboratory setting.

Positive results obtained with these screening methods can be confirmed by HPLC, LC-MS and GC-MS.