ELISA-TEK® Cooked Meat Species Kit

A Qualitative Method for the Identification of Animal Species in Cooked, Canned, and Other Meat Products

INTENDED USE: The ELISA-TEK® COOKED MEAT SPECIES ASSAY qualitatively detects animal species content in cooked and canned meat, meat products, and processed foods.  The testing method, developed and utilized by the USDA, is based on antibodies raised to heat-resistant species specific, muscle-related glycoproteins.

The ELISA-TEK® COOKED MEAT SPECIES KITS have been formatted and refined for portability and ease-of-use and will meet or exceed USDA-FSIS protocols for cooked meat species ELISA.

Preventing adulteration of meat foods with less desirable or objectionable meat species is important for economic, regulatory, health and cultural or religious reasons.  Testing assures the consumer that the meat and poultry they purchase is safe, wholesome, unadulterated, and properly labeled which is of particular importance in religious communities where the consumption of particular meat is proscribed.

Suitable Testing: for animal species content in cooked, canned or processed foods up to 121°C + 2 bars pressure.


Limit of Detection:                   1.0% in canned, cooked, or processed foods (USDA                                                   protocol)

Specificity:                                 All blood fed tissues, species specific as indicated

# Of Tests per Kit:                    Up to 40 samples in duplicate (20 samples using                                                    USDA procedure)

Hands-on-time:                        ~ 30 minutes (for sample preparation/extraction)

3 hours for immunoassay procedures

Kit Format:                                 96 microwell plate system with single strip format                                                  (single strips of 8 wells)

Additional equipment:          Micropipettes (25-100 µL) wash bottle/ plate washer &                                             plate reader

Shelf life:                                       Up to 12 months from date of manufacture


ELISA-TEK® Cooked 3 Species Kit 510603
ELISA-TEK® Cooked 4 Species Kit 510604
ELISA-TEK® Cooked Beef Species Kit 510611
ELISA-TEK® Cooked Pork Species Kit 510621
ELISA-TEK® Cooked Poultry Species Kit 510631
ELISA-TEK® Cooked Sheep Species Kit 510641
ELISA-TEK® Cooked Horse Species Kit 510651
ELISA-TEK® Cooked Deer Species Kit 510661