MELISA-TEK® Meat Species Kits

A Qualitative Method for the Detection of Species-Specific Muscle Proteins in Feeds, and MBMs

INTENDED USE: The MELISA-TEK® Meat Species Assay  is designed for use in the detection of animal species proteins in meat and bone meals and animal feeds.

 Testing for the presence of the species content in animal feeds is important due to the potential for transmission of TSE. Due to the high processing temperatures used in rendering meat and bone meals, previous tests were limited in their ability to distinguish species content in animal feed products.

 The MELISA-TEK® Meat Species Kits is a new method for speciation of products containing animal proteins based on patented monoclonal antibodies sensitive to    troponin-I, a thermal-stable, muscle specific antigen.

  •  Can determine the species content of thermally processed products including those processed under conditions exceeding 133°C and 3 bars of pressure.
  •  Detects only muscle tissue. Animal feeding regulations around the world may allow feeding of milk, and may also allow blood or gelatin in animal feeds.
  •  Is effective with canned and retorted products.


Limit of Detection:

  • <0.5% muscle tissue in feed samples (at normal dilution);
  • <0.5% muscle in MBM samples (with high sensitivity extraction);
  • <15 ppm in 138°C tissue samples (with high sensitivityextraction)


  • Troponin-I (muscle), species specific as indicated

# Of Test per Kit:

  • Up to 42 samples in duplicate


  • 30 minutes (for preparation/extraction)
  • 90 minutes (for immunoassay)

Kit Format:

  • 96 microwell plate system with single strip format (single strips of 8 wells)

Additional equipment:

  • Micropipettes (50-100 µL), wash bottle/plate reader

Shelf life:

  • 12 months from date of manufacture
MELISA-TEK® Ruminant Species Kit 510311
MELISA-TEK® Pork Species Kit 510321
MELISA-TEK® Ruminant High Sensitivity Kit 510391