ELISA-TEK® Pork Meat & Bone Meal Thermal Evaluation Kit

A Qualitative Method for the Determination of Proper Heating of Animal Meat and Bone Meal Feeds

INTENDED USE: The ELISA-TEK® Pork Meat & Bone Meal Thermal Evaluation Assay  qualitatively determines whether meat and bone meals containing ³10% blood-fed porcine tissues have been thermally processed in accordance with EU guidelines (133°C and 3 bars of pressure for 20 minutes).  Insufficient sterilization can result for many reasons such as operator assisted technical fault and insufficient heat-penetration of large batches of feed samples.  Early monitoring of feeds can possibly provide early detection of microbial epidemics that can originate from insufficiently heated meat and bone meals, especially when fed to non-ruminant animals.

The test method is based on polyclonal antibodies raised to heat-stable porcine specific, muscle-related glycoproteins that are detectable until heated to 133°C and 3 bars of pressure.  The presence of these heat-resistant pork antigens in meat and bone meals in significant amounts indicate the sample has not received adequate thermal processing.

The ELISA-TEK® Pork Meat & Bone Meal Thermal Evaluation Kits have been formatted and refined for portability and ease-of-use and include a specially calibrated Thermal Evaluation Reference Standard (TERS) that is used as an indicator of when a meat & bone meal sample has achieved adequate thermal processing.  When tested alongside mean & bone meal samples, the TERS standard allows the user to easily determine samples that have received adequate thermal processing from those that have not.   Meat and bone meal samples with signals greater than TERS Standard have not received the required thermal processing conditions.  Samples with signals below the level of the Thermal Evaluation Reference Standard may be considered to have received adequate thermal processing.

Suitable for testing: Porcine meat and bone meals, and other pork products that must meet EU guidelines.



Limit of Detection:

  • 1.0% lean skeletal muscle tissue


  • Pork specific, no known cross-reactions with non-porcine tissues

# Of Test per Kit:

  • Up to 43 samples in duplicate


  • 90 minutes (for sample preparation/extraction)
  • 3 hours (for immunoassay)

Kit Format:

  • 96 microwell plate system with single strip format (single strips of 8 wells)
  • TERS Standard

Additional equipment:

  • Micropipettes (50-100 µL), wash bottle/plate reader

Shelf life:                   

  • 12 months from date of manufacture
ELISA-TEK® Pork Meat & Bone Meal Kit 510629