The ALLER-TEK® Gluten ELISA (96-well format) was designed to quantitate low levels of gluten in food ingredients as well as in prepared and processed foods and beverages. By using a specific antibody (401.21), this assay recognizes both the gliadin and glutenin fractions of gluten to provide an accurate determination of total gluten levels in food and food products. The kit includes a standard curve for wheat gluten for quantitation between 2.5 and 80 ppm.

The antibody is fixed to the wells of the 96-well plate, and binds to available gluten when samples or standards are added to the well. Any unbound material is removed in the first wash step. The Gluten Conjugate, which is a solution containing the same 401.21 antibody bound to the horse radish peroxidase (HRP) enzyme, is then added and allowed to bind any gluten present in the wells. The second wash step removes any unbound gluten conjugate. Finally, a color substrate (TMB) is added, which causes a blue color change in proportion to the amount of HRP present in the well. The Stop Solution stops the TMB reaction and changes the blue color to yellow, and the intensity of this yellow color is then read on a plate reader.

The ALLER-TEK® Gluten ELISA has been validated and certified as a Performance Tested MethodSM (#081202) by the AOAC Research Institute as an effective method for the detection of gluten in a wide variety of foods.

ELISA Technologies offers analytical, in-house testing using the ALLER-TEK® Gluten ELISA.