Gluten Testing Laboratory

ELISA Technologies offers in-house testing services for gluten and gliadin to meet your QA/QC needs. We offer a three-working-day turn around time on results beginning on the day after the samples arrive in our laboratory*. Next day rush is also available**. Our support staff will post test results to the confidential web page assigned to the listed contact person as soon as the results are available from our laboratory. We also mail the original report to the listed contact person. Our testing services are highly confidential. Information is only reported to the requesting company and then only to their indicated contact person.

A minimum of 100 grams of product is requested when sending in a sample for testing. ELISA Technologies retains your sample for three months before being properly destroyed.

Here is a look at the FDA’s Guideline for Gluten labeling on Foods ==>> CLICK HERE

We offer the following:

  • Gliadin
  • Gliadin Competitive
  • Gluten

To order:

1. Complete Allergen Request Form.

2. Send 100g of sample with the completed form.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (352) 337-3929.

*Offered for most samples, depending on quantity, quantification and special requests. Please call or email us with turn-around inquiries.

**Additional fee of $75 per sample applied on rush orders.