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ELISA Technologies, Inc. manufactures a variety of test kits that detect and identify meat species content in cooked, raw and thermally processed meat, meat products and animal feed. Our ELISA-TEK Meat Species product line has been the gold standard in the United States and is utilized by the food processing industry, organizations and government agencies worldwide.

Our kits employ the principles of the Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay (ELISA); each 96 well kit contains 12 strips of 8 wells. ELISA-TEK and MELISA-TEK kits are able to determine species content in an array of products and components with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.

The identification of meat species is performed around the world to assure consumers that the meat and poultry they purchase is safe, wholesome, properly labeled and unadulterated. Preventing adulteration of meats with other species is important for economic, regulatory, health, ethical and cultural reasons.

Internationally, we are pleased to partner with the following companies for distribution of our meat speciation kits:

Turkey: Diagen Diagen Biotechnology Systems Inc.

All other countries: R-Biopharm 

ELISA Technologies Diagnostic Test Kits

ELISA-TEK™ Cooked Meat Species Test Kits
USDAsenasa-argentina-logo are utilized by the USDA and SENASA (Argentina) for animal species identification of cooked meat and meat products. SENASA and USDA-FSIS protocols for these kits are available by clicking on the respective logo.


ELISA-TEK™ Raw Meat Species Test Kits
This assay is designed to qualitatively determine animal species content in uncooked meat, poultry, meat products, eggs and milk. These test kits are based on species-specific antibodies and are capable of detecting as little as 1% of meat species content.


ELISA-TEK™ Cooked Meat Species Test Kits
This assay is designed to qualitatively determine animal species content in cooked and canned meat, meat products, processed foods and meat and bone meals. This assay, used in the USDA-FSIS Microbiology Lab Guidebook, is based on antibodies raised to heat-resistant, species specific, muscle-related glycoproteins. These test kits have been formatted and refined to meet or exceed USDA-FSIS protocols for cooked meat species testing. In addition to the USDA, our Cooked Meat Kits are also utilized by SENASA (Argentina) for animal species identification of cooked meat and meat products. These test kits are capable of detecting as little as 1% of meat species content.


MELISA-TEK™ Test Kit (Pork or Ruminant)
These assays are designed to detect porcine or ruminant muscle protein in meat and bone meals, animals feeds, and cooked and uncooked foods. These test kits are based on patented monoclonal antibodies to troponin I, a thermo-stable, skeletal muscle-specific antigen that offers improved analytical performance for detection of species content in thermally processed products. These tests will detect porcine or bovine/ovine/caprine skeletal and cardiac muscle content in products processed at temperatures exceeding 133 °C and 3 bars of pressure (300 kPa) and can identify feeds containing banned tissues. These test kits are capable of detecting 1% meat and bone meal content in feeds and as little as 0.05% of lean skeletal muscle content in meat products.

MELISA-TEK™ Ruminant High Sensitivity Extraction Kit
This kit provides a protocol and all materials to improve the sensitivity of the MELISA-TEK RUMINANT assay. With this kit, ruminant meat and bone meals can be detected at 0.1% (w/w) in feeds, and ruminant muscle tissue can be detected at 0.01% in solution.


Pangasius detection kitEZ PANGASIUS™

The EZ Pangasius™ assay is a rapid field test requiring no specialized equipment. This assay is based on lateral flow technology for rapid and sensitive detection of Pangasius fish.
Pangasius fish were formerly imported from Vietnam as “catfish”, but they are now sold as basa fish. Pangasius may also be sold as a substitute for many other fish species. The EZ Pangasius™ test can quickly identify cooked or raw filets as Pangasius. It was designed to positively identify filets from Pangasius while not reacting to filets from other fish species.

The EZ Pangasius™ assay uses a proprietary monoclonal antibody. To perform this test, a filet is diced and a small portion (0.5 g) is mixed in the extraction solution. A few drops of the extract are then placed into a test tube. The EZ Pangasius test strip is inserted into this test tube and allowed to absorb the sample extract. After 10 minutes, the strip can be read visually to determine whether the sample is Pangasius.


EZ Gluten™ Test Kit

The EZ Gluten kit is a rapid screening method that allows for the detection of as little as 10 ppm of gluten in raw ingredients as well as in prepared foods and beverages.  The EZ Gluten assay is certified as a Performance Tested MethodSM (#051101) by the AOAC Research Institute.  For more information or to order, please visit www.ezgluten.com.


ALLER-TEK™ Gluten ELISA Test Kit (96 well)

The ALLER-TEK Gluten is a quantitative immunoassay that can detect gluten from wheat, rye or barley in raw ingredients as well as in processed or heat-treated foods and beverages.  The ALLER-TEK Gluten ELISA is certified as a Performance Tested MethodSM (#081202) by the AOAC Research Institute.


Europroxima Test Kits

EuroProxima_logoELISA Technologies is a proud distributor of EuroProxima Diagnostic kits in the United States. EuroProxima specializes in the development and production of kits for the detection of veterinary drug residues, antibiotics, mycotoxins, and bisphenol A.

For over twenty years EuroProxima and its products have been recognized as an International market leader for service and quality. Download a listing of Europroxima available kits here.